Cora Lee

Undestructable<br> Cora Lee
Posted by Carol Peeples
August 15, 2021

One of the benefits of running Remerg.com is learning about new resources for people. The other day I met Cora Lee Poole, founder of Undestructable, an organization that works with survivors of intimate partner violence. Before we even connected, virtually of course, I could tell from her website that she has style. (Really, you have to check out her website!)  I learned about Cora Lee’s background as a designer and how her motto (Reclaimed. Reimagined. Rebuilt.) has a whole other meaning from her work of repurposing products from stuff that gets thrown away. Cora Lee graciously provided the introductory video to our section on Remerg.com for safe houses and domestic violence resources. We’ll be listing Undestructable on Remerg.com in the pre-apprenticeship section as soon as Cora Lee has a location for her nonprofit and is up and running.