Reminder to the Community

Posted by Carol Peeples
September 20, 2020

What with a lot of organizations still operating virtually, or some sort of hybrid virtual presence, it’s never been more important to keep contact information for your organization accurate and current. Please make sure your organization’s website has your current address, hours, and phone number. Check to see the website clearly explains how your organization is helping clients at this time. Is everything still virtual for you, or do you have office appointments? Do you take walk-ins? 

Please check your phone message, as well. Make sure it’s current. Is it easy to find the right person or program? It’s frustrating to get a phone message that only works if I know how to spell the name of the person I’m trying to reach, especially if I don’t know exactly who I’m trying to call! 

My last ask is for you to check the listing on for your organization. If we have something inaccurate, please let us know at 303.548.3395 or If you’d like to suggest a resource to, please do so.

Thanks, everyone!