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Collaborate with Remerg

At Remerg, we love to collaborate!

During the fall of 2023, we will be traveling all over Colorado on a listening tour for Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to provide COVID-19 vaccine education.

In partnership with Colorado Department of Education, this summer Remerg staff visited almost every parole office and many halfway houses and community organizations, distributing surveys and conducting focus groups about how prison libraries are utilized. 

During the pandemic, Remerg partnered with Denver Sheriff Department on the Bringing the Community to the Jail video project. This effort resulted in over forty videos about community resources, which are available on our YouTube channel. is a huge resource website our nonprofit provides for free as a public service for individuals. It’s also used by many professionals. If your agency would like a one-hour guided tour of, please contact us at

We have many lessons learned from creating and launching Content on is protected by copyright, but if you would like to replicate for your state, please contact us. 

For all services and questions about how Remerg may collaborate with your organization, please contact us at or call 303-548-3395.