Remerg's Housing, Opportunity, Unity, Stability, and Engagement Program

Reintegration Housing and Support

Remerg developed the Housing, Opportunity, Unity, Stability, and Engagement (HOUSE) program in 2022 to address housing and stability issues for people convicted of a sex offense. During our initial phase-one program pilot, HOUSE will be delivered to 15 individuals convicted of a sex offense serving indeterminate sentences currently incarcerated in Colorado prisons who have been approved for release upon securing an approved address. All referrals will be through the Colorado Department of Corrections.  

HOUSE participants will receive a tenant-based housing voucher and connected with housing through Remerg’s network of housing providers/landlords. Remerg will also support reintegration by providing each participant with furnishings, food and essentials, ongoing life coaching/mentorship, and wrap-around service referrals through our network of community partners.