An Argument for Fair Chance Hiring…for Career Path Jobs

Posted by Carol Peeples
May 11, 2022

I usually don’t click on the links for advertised content on the New York Times, but yesterday I was intrigued to see an advertisement sponsored by Indeed titled Fair Chance Hiring: An Employer’s Competitive Edge.

It’s a topic that’s getting a lot of attention these days, and I’m encouraged to read their very well-written argument which I hope you’ll read for yourself here.

That said, I notice that many of the jobs discussed for re-entry can be pretty unrewarding jobs. Employment is critical to re-entry and success, but it’s career path employment that really makes a difference in people’s lives. Let’s steer the formerly incarcerated toward training and jobs that tap into the potential of the individuals leaving prison and pay a living wage. We have a huge jobs section on, including a section about apprentice and pre-apprentice training here.

We also have a section about educational opportunities here. Please check them out if you help people who are leaving incarceration, or if that describes you. We all deserve to follow our dreams.